Saturday, April 28, 2007

Helping Others use the Social Internet as a Tool for Liberation

In the course of becoming accustomed to the doctoral program at Portland State, researching educational theories, organizational structures, social justice issues and reflecting upon my membership within society and as an educator, I have become deeply aware of issues that exist within our society, issues that prevent many of us from achieving our dreams and goals. While I understand there is oppression in the world that needs to be ended, I am not yet sure of the best course of action to take towards ending it. I am working to liberate myself by gaining a larger understanding of the issues of oppression, and expanding my approaches to them. I know that change is needed; I ask myself “how I can best use my expertise to help myself and others come to better understand and change the world?”

My expertise in technology use leads me to reflect upon the tools at hand and to realize that a powerful tool, the Internet, exists that people can utilize to fulfill a journey of liberation. The Internet holds unbounded potential as a tool for education and dialogue. Millions of people are using the Internet for civic engagement, education, cultural prosperity and community development (Digital Divide Network, 2007a). My social justice project involves helping others use the social Internet as a tool for liberation. My project is founded upon the theory of Paulo Freire and Bobbie Harro.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Cycle of LIberation Blog Debut

This is a new blog geared toward social justice and personal liberation. I hope this blog fills a void on the web by providing a place for people to share their stories of liberation and empowerment.

The site is inspired by the works and thought of Paulo Freire and Bobbie Harro, educators who have been instrumental in moving the world forward in the realms of social justice thought and action.